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Do you enjoy the outdoors? At your home can you enjoy sitting outside without being attacked by bugs? Let’s face it; in Virginia there are really few places where you are safe from the pestering of insects. With a screen patio installed by Creative Design Homes, you can enjoy a warm summer day without the constant  bother of bugs. Protect your family from mosquitoes, black flies, no-see-ums, bees, and other flying insects with a patio screen room enclosure you can be proud of. A vibrant and attractive addition to any home, a screen patio does more than provide protection from the relentless annoyance of hungry bugs.

The Ideal Addition Screen_Porch_Insideto Any Home

A screen porch is one  of the best ideas in home remodeling; it is a versatile addition to any home, especially valuable during the most humid days of summer. A screen porch can add functional living space in the warm months and it is an eye catching improvement to your home. With a screen porch you are able to enjoy the beauty of nature without the burden of outdoor discomforts.

This porch was built using the finest screen application on the market today SCREENEZE®. SCREENEZE® is a patented fixed screen system.  SCREENEZE® features an aluminum base and a vinyl cap which are snapped together and attached to your screen porch.  SCREENEZE® can be installed on the inside, outside, or center of your porch post and rail design.  SCREENEZE® is available in White, Sand, and Bronze in 8’ and 12’ lengths.  SCREENEZE® can also span openings up to 150 square feet. For more information about this product visit

A screen porch designed and built by Creative Design Homes allows you to capture cool breezes and enjoy the tranquil sounds of birds singing. Attached to your home it will blend seamlessly with your homes facade or a screen porch can be added as its own separate entity to bring a whole new look to your backyard retreat. It is the perfect safe haven to shelter you from hot sun, rain and pests without sacrificing your view of the garden and wildlife. A screen porch creates an oasis for a private retreat or family get-together.

A Screened Porch patio is a fine addition to your home that is incredibly useful for many different outdoor activities. Painted, stained or maintenance free you are sure to get plenty of use and many compliments out of this one of a kind room addition. 

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