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Mahog_GazWith its bold artistic appeal a gazebo is a great addition to any landscape. If you are thinking about including a gazebo to your backyard retreat, you'll want to consider the location for your new structure.
The Gazebo placement will rely mainly on what you are planning to use your gazebo for. Is it a backyard gazebo, used as a gathering site for friends and family on a sunny summer afternoon? Perhaps your gazebo will be used as a shelter for a hot tub or spa, how you use your gazebo will determine the best location. With so many different uses you are sure to be satisfied with this investment.




Screened GazeboAesthetics are essential: you may choose to use your gazebo as the central focal point of a elaborately landscaped portion of your yard or create a tranquil resting place nestled into a cluster or trees at the edge of the woods.  You should also be mindful of the proximity in relation to other structures that you may have in your yard. Think about the pros and cons of your chosen site throughout the various seasons. All of those considerations may have some impact on where you build your gazebo.

Choosing the proper size gazebo will be the next important step. Be sure that the gazebo will not be too large for your intended area. Even though it may fit, will it become a hindrance because if it’s size?  Will it be large enough for its intended functions, while remaining proportional towards the surrounding environment? A common rule of thumb is that an 8' gazebo fits 2 individuals (2 chairs) along with a small table. With every two-feet added, two more individuals could be seated comfortably in the gazebo (for example, a 10' gazebo holds 4 individuals comfortably; while  a 12' gazebo holds 6 individuals comfortably, etc.).



Gazebo Classic WhiteOnce you've made the decision on a size, it is a good idea to stake out the dimensions inside your lawn to make certain that not only will it fit but will it fit proportionately within the confines of your yard.

A gazebo is another fine addition to your yard that is incredibly useful for many different outdoor activities. Screen or unscreened, painted or stained you are sure to get plenty of use and lots of looks out of this one of a kind backyard retreat.



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