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Vinyl siding is one of the most popular ways to instantly add curb appeal to any home.  Not only does it enhance the appearance but vinyl siding is virtuously maintenance free. Vinyl siding is an affordable alternative to other types of siding and has many advantages including style, easy care and durability. Vinyl siding is also an environmentally friendly option which requires fewer resources to manufacture, maintain, and it is recyclable.

Vinyl siding is made mainly out of PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) resins which is combined with other elements to increase durability, flexibility and color retention. Acrylic components help vinyl siding resist denting and exposure to extreme weather conditions, such as colder climates. Titanium dioxide and other chemicals are added to protect the color from sun exposure and to prevent fading and chalking.

Because pigments are mixed with the PVC resins, vinyl siding has a deep, penetrating color that goes all the way through the material, rather than paint on the surface. This keeps scratches and blemishes from becoming noticeable. With wood or aluminum siding, a scratch removes the pigment, allowing the original color to show through the surface color. Another benefit of this color process is that vinyl siding never needs to be scraped or painted like other materials do. An occasional washing with a hose or sprayer and mild detergent is all that is needed. The water will not damage vinyl siding, or vinyl downspouts and gutters. Vinyl does not rot, rust or crack the way wood and metal does. With proper installation and occasional cleaning, your siding should last and look great for many years to come.

Some brands of vinyl siding also offer special features, such as insulation affixed directly to the back of the siding which not only make it to be more energy efficient but it also adds strength and durability to the siding. Insulated vinyl siding will also help prevent condensation, mold and mildew from developing between the siding and the exterior of the wall which is known to cause health issues. Vinyl siding does not attract insects like its wood counterpart. Many vinyl siding manufacturers also provide a competitive warranty.
There are many different types of vinyl siding and in most instances vinyl siding cost about 25% less than wood or aluminum siding. With its durability and low maintenance vinyl siding is a cost effective alternative that will keep your house looking like new for years to come. Vinyl is now one of the most commonly utilized synthetics materials in the construction industry.
With many different profiles there is a lot to choose from, whether you are looking to just replace the siding or to give your house a totally  new look, Creative Design Homes will work with you to help create the look you desire.

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