Insulated Vinyl Siding

Insulated Vinyl Siding is easy to install and has a rigid foam insulation that increases the vinyl siding's R-value by as much as five times. Conventional vinyl siding provides a good veneer for a home's exterior but when vinyl siding is installed over flat underlayment, as is typical, a hollow void between the siding and the wall is created. This void inhibits thermal efficiency and makes the siding vulnerable to damage from impact, wind up-lift and weather. Insulated vinyl siding is a relatively new product that eliminates the problems associated with the hollow void.
And by laminating expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam insulation directly to conventional vinyl siding, the result is a solid product that provides:

• Better insulation.
• Improved appearance and durability.
• Easy installation.

When properly installed, insulated vinyl siding provides a strong, impact resistant building veneer that also improves the insulating value of the wall system.
Insulated vinyl siding offers both building owners and installers several key advantages:
• Improved insulation - provides a thermal envelope around the home that supplements existing insulation; insulated vinyl siding can provide an insulation R-value of up to 4.0, depending on the siding profile, which can help the building owner save potentially as much as 20% on energy bills.

• Durability - since the expanded polystyrene (EPS) plastic insulation fills out the profile of the vinyl siding, the product can withstand four times the impact of conventional vinyl siding as well as other weather-related extremes.
• Easy to install - the expanded polystyrene plastic insulation creates a more rigid product that reduces bowing and sagging; the product is easy to fit, cut and nail.
• Improved wind-resistance - since insulated vinyl siding virtually eliminates the void behind the siding; some products are wind-tested up to 200 mph.
• Resistant to mold development - EPS insulation is highly permeable and does not trap water vapor and moisture in the walls.
• Contributes to improved sound insulation.
• Helps prevent combustion because the EPS plastic insulation is treated with a fire retardant.
• Repels insects - some EPS products such as Fullback® Thermal Support Systems are treated with an environmentally-safe additive such as Perform Guard® which repels insects such as termites and carpenter ants.

With many different profiles there is a lot to choose from, whether you are looking to replace the siding or to give your house a total new look, Creative Design Homes will work with you to help create the look you are looking for. With our expert installation, we can give your home a beautiful facelift while protecting the health of your family, and the integrity of your house.

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