Vinyl Windows

timber2 Vinyl windows have become the most popular choice for both new construction and remodel applications. The versatility, durability, and economical advantage of vinyl windows allow you to accomplish virtually anything you wish, in both new construction and remodeling applications.

  Quality characteristics are defined by several characteristics of the windows overall construction; thickness,  weight, accessories, efficiency, durability, glazing, and design are the main factors.  Vinyl windows are available in just about every window style;  double hung slider, casement, bay windows, bow windows and patio doors.

Vinyl replacement windows have become extremely popular due to their increased energy efficiency, low maintenance, easy cleaning and lifetime warranties.When considering a replacement window there are some thing that you may consider. If you are looking for a energy efficient product that will add value and beauty to your home which is also easy to maintain and  a life time warranty you may want to consider vinyl windows.

The Thermal Advantage:
Inherently vinyl has high insulating qualities, vinyl windows are made from a plastic called PVC. This material has a high R-value (insulating value), the physical aspects of vinyl, plus the manufacturing process, assures that vinyl windows will remain resilient to weather from the frigid Canadian border to the tropical Florida coast. Heat loss through windows is reduced drastically due to the natural insulating quality of vinyl, and the design of vinyl components with insulating air spaces. Vinyl keeps in heat during winter but seals your rooms from heat during summer. Vinyl is comfortable to the touch in either sub-zero or tropical weather conditions. 

The Natural Durability Advantage:
Unlike many materials, vinyl does not swell and shrink when exposed to extreme moisture conditions. Vinyl windows operate smoothly in any weather. Vinyl does not rust, pit, or corrode. Because vinyl is so durable most windows are accompanied by a life time warranty.

Low Maintenance:
Vinyl windows never need painting and are easily cleaned with a damp cloth and some mild detergent. And when you do need to clean them most vinyl windows easily tilt-in for cleaning.

Benifits of Vinyl Windows

•    Energy efficient
•    Cuts noise dramatically
•    No stucco damage
•    No condensation
•    Easy tilt-in cleaning
•    No painting
•    No maintenance
•    Beautifies your home
•    Child-resistant safety locks
•    Better Warranty
•    Maintenance-free (no painting, scraping, puttying, and No Termites)
•    Energy savings
•    Permanently beautifies your home
•    Double-insulated glass
•    Burglar-resistant
•    Increases value of your home


Vinyl replacement windows are another soild home improvement investment that will pay for itself  in a reasonable amount of time. Contact Creative Design Homes today and  Let us help you to choose the best window  for your homes specific needs