Ceramic Tile


Ceramic Tile
Ceramic tile is one of the most versatile building products in the industry. Ceramic tile can be used on ceiling, walls, and floors both inside and out. It can be heated to add comfort or with the proper radiant tile_stoopheat it could be used on an exterior walkway to prevent ice and snow build up. Ceramic tile is one of the most popular flooring choices used in homes and offices throughout the United States and around the world. One of the reasons ceramic tile is popular is that offers a wide variety of colors and patterns, even at the lower end of the price scale. Ceramic tile is also a popular choice for walls, backsplashes, showers and more. Used in just about every room in a home, ceramic tile is beneficial for you and your home. It's beneficial for you because it's environmentally friendly, reduces household allergens, increases your home's value and is one of the smartest flooring choices around. Ceramic tile is practical, functional and beautiful; with the many sizes, shapes and textures, you'll be amazed at all the choices you have for designing the prefect floor, backsplash or wall.

Ceramic or Porcelain what's the difference?
Porcelain tiles are actually made from ceramic materials but they are more refined. The clay used in the process has a greater purity than the one used for ceramic tiles. Porcelain is a more compressed material, which makes the tiles denser and more durable.
Porcelain tiles do not have as many color to choose from yet they are a little more rugged. Porcelain doesn’t absorb as much moisture as ceramic tiles do which makes them great for outdoor use.
Ceramic tiles are best used for indoor spaces. They can be found in two major varieties, glazed unglazed. Glazing is a procedure in which the tile surface is spray coated and then the glazing coat is baked into the tile which makes the tile stronger, and stain resistant. Many manufactures may have their own secret techniques but yet the basic process for creating the tile has been in place for many years.

Advantages of CerGlass_Tilesamic Tile
•    Environmentally friendly - Ceramic tiles are made from raw materials, including clay, sand and glass. These materials are combined with other recycled materials to form ceramic tile. Many ceramic tiles are made from recyclable content. Ceramic tile can also help to reduce your energy use (and bills) by keeping your house cooler in the summer. They also add some insulating qualities to your home for the winter.
•    Low maintenance - Ceramic tiles are easy to maintain, from simple cleaning to optional sealing over time. Besides cleaning, there is no special maintenance involved.
•    Easy to clean - Sweep and wash! It doesn't get simpler and cleaner than that. Ceramic floors make excellent kitchen floors as they can be easily wiped and disinfected from spills. If the grout gets dirtier than you like, you can use a specially formulated grout cleaner to help get the dirt off.
•    Cost - Ceramic tiles are cost effective. As with all tiles, the more high end the tile you choose, the higher the cost of the project; the more detailed the design, the more you'll pay. On average, ceramic tiles cost from $1 to $15 per square foot for materials and $3 to $8 per square foot for installation.
•    Repairable - Got a crack? Make sure to keep a few extra tiles around in the event of a crack. You can attempt to replace the tile yourself or find a handyman or tile contractor to do it for you.
•    Endless style and design options - There are literally thousands of different ceramic tiles around the world. The shapes, colors, styles and designs are vast.
•    Increase your home value - Ceramic tiled homes have greater resale value and homes with ceramic floors have a higher general home value when appraised.
•    Scratch resistant - Class 3 and Class 4 ceramic tiles (tiles which are made for moderate to heavy floor traffic) don't scratch.
•    Reduces household allergens - Unlike carpets and rugs, ceramic tile does not attract dust and dust mites. Homes with ceramic floor tiles have less dust in the air, making the air in your home much healthier by reducing the amount of household allergens. This is a fantastic benefit, especially for those who suffer from dust-related allergies.
•    Moisture resistant - You won't have to worry about accumulation of moisture in ceramic tiles. You can also wash the floor with lots of water if desired. Unlike wood floors, water will not damage ceramic tiles.
•    Additional benefits - Fire, odor and fade resistant.

With various qualities such as size, shape, strength and available in almost any color, ceramic tile is the perfect addition to any area of you home inside or out. Creative Design Homes can help you to create a beautiful area that will bring a smile to your face every time you see it. At Creative Design Homes, you supply the dream, we can make it happen.